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bringing epic plant-powered goodies to the people

Out here putting the FUN into functional foods

Hey, we’re the Yummo’s crew and we’re all about totally tasty snacks that are crazy good for you. Yup. It can be done.

We know what’s lurking in your snack cupboard. We know because ours was the same. Boxes either packed full of sugar and calories or the “healthy” option that tasted 0.1% better than dry cardboard. Neither’s cool.

So we’re flipping the script on your (and our) favourite guilty pleasures. Same epic taste but good for you and good for the planet.

Here's How We Roll...

Fuellin' The Pros


When you’re snacking on Yummo’s, you’re in excellent company. We’re super proud to support and fuel awesome athletes, medalists and champs.

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