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bringing epic cereal to the people


Hey, we’re Team Yummo’s and we’re all about totally tasty cereal that’s legit healthy. It is possible.

Why cereal? Because it’s awesome. And anything that takes us back to sitting on the living room floor watching Saturday morning cartoons is a winner in our books.

But we know what’s lurking in your cereal cupboard. We know because ours was the same. Boxes either packed full of sugar and calories or a 'healthy' option that tastes like wet cardboard. That is not the way we wanted to start our day.

Being forced to choose between taste and quality nutrition isn’t cool. So we got thinking about how to change this and whipped up the world’s most epic cereal in the process. Something that fuels us for a healthy day, can be crunched on during a late-night Netflix binge, or is a much more satisfying post-gym snack than a vending machine protein bar.

Tasty AND healthy? We got you.


Our cereals contains over 13g protein per bowl, helping you stay fuller for longer and making those unwanted mid-morning tummy rumblings a thing of the past. Want even more power? Double-up your bowl for a whopping 26g protein per serving!

Say goodbye to sugar crashes with our low sugar, big balls of fun. 100% plant-powered, low carb, gluten-free, grain-free and packed full of gut-friendly fibre, these badboys really hits the sweet spot without all the bad stuff.

Like a party in your mouth with each bite. Eat them straight out of the pack any time. Pour them in your bathtub, grab your spoon and dive right in. Keep them under your pillow to make sure noone steals them... The world's your oyster, baby.

Fuellin' The Pros


When you’re snacking on Yummo’s, you’re in excellent company. We’re super proud to support and fuel awesome athletes, medalists and champs.

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