You got questions? We got answers.


How big is a box of Yummo’s?

224g, which is about 7 bowls’ worth of mega tasty goodness.


Is Yummo’s keto friendly?

You betcha it is. There’s <1g sugar and <8g net carbs per bowl.


What are net carbs?

Net carbs are also called digestible carbs (which is a way simpler description of them really). Basically they’re the carbs your body digests and uses for energy.


I’m vegan, can I eat Yummo’s?

For sure you can. They’re 100% plant based.


I can’t eat gluten, can I eat Yummo’s?

Oh yeah. They’re grain AND gluten-free.


What’s prebiotic fibre?

Prebiotic fibre is a bit of a legend. It helps the good bacteria grow in your gut and is great for digestion. 


Why is this more expensive than “regular” cereal?

While other (cheaper) cereals are packed with sugar and low quality ingredients, we’ve not scrimped when it comes to nutrition or taste. But best believe we work hard to keep our prices as low as we can, because we want y’all to enjoy and benefit from tasty, healthy cereal.

We’ve done the maths (so you don’t have to because let’s face it, maths sucks) and Yummo’s costs 86p per bowl. Which is way cheaper (and damn more delish) than a protein bar or shake.