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Gooey Chocolatey Goodness

They are absolutely delicious!

My daughter who is a very fussy eater absolutely adored them and had them warmed up in the microwave!

My wife and I had them cold and they were a really enjoyable alternative to high sugar snacks, kept us full and just a nice change!

They are Yummo!!!

Lovely cookie nice and soft bake, great taste, great packaging. Fab product all round!


Love these little balls of joy.
My cereal addiction will no longer be my downfall... mwah hahahahaha 😘

Great taste and healthier

Started off with the Cinnamon flavour and it was very tasty all the way down to slurping the remaining milk! Would recommend!

Delicious new cereal!

Really tasty and a great option when you don’t have much time in the mornings. An excellent alternative to the usual sugary cereals. All the flavours are delicious!

Perfect breakfast and snack option!

Fantastic cereal and tastes great. The macros are incredible with 13g of protein and less than 1g of sugar. This is the perfect product for my high protein, low carb diet plan. Highly recommended!

Great Protein Bars

These taste great and are so much better than the typical hard and chewy protein bars. Impressive macros at 15g of protein and barely any sugar. Recommended!

Delicious cookies

Love the soft texture and tastes great! Ideal snack to top up the protein and avoid sugary alternatives.

Caramel protein bar and raspberry and white chocolate

So tasty! Best protein bars.
Just wish there were more flavour options

Perfect for these cold mornings in the gym

Warm, cosy and awesome looking, my Yummo's sweatshirt has been a staple in my gym bag this winter. Our gym is based in a warehouse and very cold, so having this extra layer is perfect. I've had lots of compliments on the design too :)

Mmmm! Vegan Protein Bars
Emily Jayne Blastock
Best Bars!

Best macros and really great texture. I love a protein bar thats not too soft/mushy/light as i eat too many. Super excited for the prospect of new flavours! Sit well on my tummy too

Really tasty

Loved em! Would definitely recommend

Great taste

Nice texture and not to sweet.

Love this bundle

Swear I’ve tried every protein bar going but these ones really hit the spot. They’re not lying when they say they’re soft. Great tasting and this bundle is a good excuse to try

Good deal to give both of the products a go.

I went for the white chocolate and raspberry bars with the cookies. They’re so good - don’t taste like a protein bar at all.

Winner for us diabetics!

Great cereal! Chocolate brownie is my favourite! Being a type 1 diabetic this cereal is just great, low carb, low sugar, and high protein. Finally, a cereal I can have and enjoy :)

They're all gone.

Probably the most enjoyable protein bars I've ever had... A treat and not even remotely a chore to eat. Need to buy some more now 😅


What a treat. These bars give me a reason to get up and go! Wickedly tasty and just what I need after a run or gym session! Yummy Yummos

Tasty and healthy

Very nice taste - as weel as healthy ingredients


Lovely taste and texture. They feel like an actual treat and are a decent size too

These are unreal

All other protein cookies I’ve had before leave an aftertaste but these are seriously good stuff. Amazing tip to put them in the microwave too. Made my whole kitchen smell great.


Love these baars. Great texture and great taste

Love that these aren’t tough at all

I’m so used to dry protein bars that I didn’t think it was possible to get one like this. Really impressed by the macros too, can’t beat 15g protein. Great stuff.

They feel like a proper treat

The white chocolate and raspberry flavour is amazing!! It looks very cool too and I love the brand!