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Love these little balls of joy.
My cereal addiction will no longer be my downfall... mwah hahahahaha 😘

Great taste and healthier

Started off with the Cinnamon flavour and it was very tasty all the way down to slurping the remaining milk! Would recommend!

Delicious new cereal!

Really tasty and a great option when you don’t have much time in the mornings. An excellent alternative to the usual sugary cereals. All the flavours are delicious!

Perfect breakfast and snack option!

Fantastic cereal and tastes great. The macros are incredible with 13g of protein and less than 1g of sugar. This is the perfect product for my high protein, low carb diet plan. Highly recommended!

Spoonful Of Awesome - Protein Cereal

Been wanting something like this for ages

From experimenting with my diet I know my body works best with low carb high protein - I have more energy and less bloat. The ‘high protein’ cereals in supermarkets aren’t really high in protein they just have a few more grams than usual. These have the equivalent of around 2 eggs and they taste good. I will be keeping a monthly subscription ✅

Simply amazing

Awesome taste and texture, unbelievable macros, and always makes great post-cereal milkshake. Easy 5 star!


Product is great, serving size is a little small so a larger box would be great

Yummy and packed with protein!

I've tried the cinnamon and strawberry flavoured cereal so far and absolutely loved the taste! The fact that it's so low in sugar and calories makes me even happier. Definitely ordering more in the future.


I think these are brilliant have them most mornings for breakfast well done yummos


Great flavours! A much better product than other similar cereals on the market at the moment! 30g of this cereal gives you a very full bowl which keeps you full for ages! Will definitely be purchasing again soon :)


So tasty, you don’t notice the less sugar


Really happy with the product. Delicious flavour and there’s a nice bite to them!

Taste great. Love the styling too.

It's so hard to find a breakfast option that isn't full of sugar or tastes awful. Thanks for filling that gap.

The strawberry flavour is ace

Great way to reach your macros and enjoy breakfast! I love the strawberry flavour one just bought my second 4 pack. Will definitely come back for more.

Spoonful Of Awesome - Protein Cereal

Excellent Cereal & Customer Service

I’ve had it a bunch now and I really enjoy it. I find it reminiscent of ‘Golden Nuggets’ which I used to love as a child. There was a mix up where DPD lost my parcel and Yummo’s replied and corrected the issue within an hour!! Incredibly impressed all round.

Pretty damn good

Been looking for something like this for a while and finally found something that's tasty and got a great macro profile. I, like most, love cereal and now I can finally have a tasty snack that'll also help me hit those protein targets (especially helpful in a cutting phase). Give em a try, you won't be disappointed!

Delicious and great customer service

Highly recommend Yummo's! Perfect with some high protein yogurt for breakfast. Also their customer service is excellent, very impressed.


I've had all the flavours. Enjoyed them all but the strawberry one was my least favourite.
Excited for more

Better than expected!

Really enjoyed these. Great cereal or a handful for s snack 👍

Maaaaan! These are amazeballs! My favorite is strawberry 🍓, but I like to mix the cinnamon and chocolate together for a explosion of waves of flavour! Only downside is with been type 2 diabetic I'd love to see them even lower in net carb! But other than that , spot on.

What a Yummo!

Loves the Strawberries, cinnamon and choccy brownies, would love to see the taste of “minion’ bananas

Loved it

Brilliant that I’ve discovered a cereal that I can snack on guilt free. Strawberry is soooo tasty.

Really tasty cereal!

I tried these for the first time and they are fabulous! Really tasty and importantly for me as Type 2 diabetic they don’t spike my blood sugars! Slight quibble on the price - a little high but as I have no choice to buy elsewhere I have to pay it. I will buy again!