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Gooey Chocolatey Goodness

They are absolutely delicious!

My daughter who is a very fussy eater absolutely adored them and had them warmed up in the microwave!

My wife and I had them cold and they were a really enjoyable alternative to high sugar snacks, kept us full and just a nice change!

They are Yummo!!!

Lovely cookie nice and soft bake, great taste, great packaging. Fab product all round!


Love these little balls of joy.
My cereal addiction will no longer be my downfall... mwah hahahahaha 😘

Great taste and healthier

Started off with the Cinnamon flavour and it was very tasty all the way down to slurping the remaining milk! Would recommend!

Delicious new cereal!

Really tasty and a great option when you don’t have much time in the mornings. An excellent alternative to the usual sugary cereals. All the flavours are delicious!

Perfect breakfast and snack option!

Fantastic cereal and tastes great. The macros are incredible with 13g of protein and less than 1g of sugar. This is the perfect product for my high protein, low carb diet plan. Highly recommended!


These are the best vegan protein bars I've ever had. Chewy and actually like a bar of chocolate as opposed to dusty, powdery offerings from other companies.

Best protein cookie out there by far

Can not rave enough about these cookies
Just ridiculously awesome! Everything, taste, texture - just perfection. There that good I want more flavours


Super yummy and the perfect consistency. Made me feel well fuelled for uni work.

Starter Snack Pack
Katie Hartley
Honestly the best protein bars I've had

These are insane!! I'm so fussy when it comes to protein bars but these are really good, they don't have that protein-y taste. The cookies are very yummy too. Make a nice change when you want a little treat to snack on. Starter pack was the way to go, great value!

Bought the snack pack as I wanted to try both the bars and cookies (cookies really interested me). It was so worth it. The bars are unlike any other protein bars I've tried before - soft with a chewy caramel pull. The cookies are incredibly good too. Really chocolatey and a decent size. Will be buying again!!

Really, really good!

Bars and cookies are both really a proper treat! Really impressed.

Mmmm! Vegan Protein Bars

Starter pack

Cookies were a good size, taste and texture. Protein bars were nice and chewy and great macros. Both flavours are fab!

Proper Yummie!!🤩

I love these! They have become my go to post run snack.


Cookies were very tasty, and good value for money. They are a really good snack for pre or post run

Amazing taste

Never had a protein snack like this before

Restored my faith in vegan protein products

Absolutely delicious. This bundle is great value and I have already been back for more. I recommend !

Mmmm! Vegan Protein Bars
Shannon O'Neill

I keep buying more and more. Since having these other people in the house have now also started buying them, that's how good they are. It feels like a treat but healthy and great on gym days, I would recommend these to everyone I meet

Yum :)

These are about as close as a protein cookie I’ve tasted has come to tasting like a 'real' cookie. Enjoyable protein packed vegan snack!

Lives up to the name!

Delicious protein bars and excellent customer service! Definitely recommend!

Excellent Bundle

Great starter bundle, with fantastic tasting protein snacks - will definitely be buying again

Brilliant Cookies

These have prevented so many post-workout "hangry" incidences.
The texture is beautifully chewy and chocolatey. Warming them up makes them a delicious gooey treat.
I'm utterly in love!

Tasty Protein Bars

Tried both flavours and both equally tasty! Nice texture and great taste, not dense like others. Big fan, definitely recommend!

Really really good

Possibly the best tasting protein snacks out there.

My favourite are the choc caramel bars, my wife prefers the cookies, but both are great.