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I love the chewy texture of the bars so much and the cookies are heavenly.

Gooey Chocolatey Goodness

They are absolutely delicious!

My daughter who is a very fussy eater absolutely adored them and had them warmed up in the microwave!

My wife and I had them cold and they were a really enjoyable alternative to high sugar snacks, kept us full and just a nice change!

They are Yummo!!!

Lovely cookie nice and soft bake, great taste, great packaging. Fab product all round!


Love these little balls of joy.
My cereal addiction will no longer be my downfall... mwah hahahahaha 😘

Great taste and healthier

Started off with the Cinnamon flavour and it was very tasty all the way down to slurping the remaining milk! Would recommend!

Delicious new cereal!

Really tasty and a great option when you don’t have much time in the mornings. An excellent alternative to the usual sugary cereals. All the flavours are delicious!

Perfect breakfast and snack option!

Fantastic cereal and tastes great. The macros are incredible with 13g of protein and less than 1g of sugar. This is the perfect product for my high protein, low carb diet plan. Highly recommended!

Soooooo gooooood

I very rarely repeat-order food, but this is my second Yummo's order because these cookies taste SO delicious (and have pretty great macros)! I will be back for more again! Really great delivery and price too – love the ethos of the company ♥️
(Also, I don't have a microwave, but they taste perfect as-is to me!)


Super chocolatey cookie with good texture. They are lovely warmed up in the microwave too.

Pretty good!

Pretty impressed! Chewy and tasty. Not my favourite protein bar but definitely worth ordering and I will probably order again as it’s nice to have a variety of snacks! Decent nutritional values too.

Tastes incredible and keeps me satiated.


I've tried quite a few protein bars and these are really something!

Just a little dry

Amazing taste just a little dry but I think that’s just a protein bar thing

Amazing bars!!

One of the best protein bars I’ve had in a loooong time! LOVE the peanut butter and jelly flavour !

Nice but bought too many lol

So yummy!

These are totally delicious and my new favourite Yummo’s product 👍🏼

Best snack ever

I have at least one protein bar a day, but these take the cake (cookie??). The perfect texture as they are but i love to freeze them to accompany a hot coffee, or microwave for just a few seconds to get a gooey cookie that feels like a lovely treat. Can’t get enough of them!

Vegan Protein Bars
Amanda Prior
Chewy & Tasty

I've tried many vegan protein bars and these are by far the tastiest I've had.

Yummy yummos cookies!

Great cookie! I love these as a snack!
Great macros as well for the protein and have become a quick grab staple for me in my week!

Starter Snack Pack
Peter Sharpe
The perfect vegan protein bar

Yummo's are my go-to fuel for hiking, BJJ and the gym. They taste great - not sweet and artificial but scrummy and satisfying. A fantastic, guilt-free treat for anytime!

Starter Snack Pack
James Fereday
Best Vegan Protein around!

The title says it all, I want more. A lot more. Powders, Bars, Cookies, you name it Yummo's need to make it. I mean, Peanut butter jelly protein powder? sounds amazing. Do it!

Great taste and texture. Total treat

So yummy!

These are so delicious - my daughter drops by and heads straight for the cupboard! They ate so chocolatey and give you the 'sin' hit without all the calories. Really feel like you have satisfied that sweet craving - I love em! Thank you yummo's - you're the best

Fantastic Product

Great product, really tasty. They are helping me with my fitness and weight reduction plan.

Best vegan protein bar I’ve tried… ever

Chewy, delicious and satisfying. Even the non vegans in my household are mad for these bars. I’m in a subscription now so we never run out